Bleach Ch. 491

The power of the Vollstandig is no match for Ayon apparently . . .

OMG I am tired of that Opie shit! This time all he did was brag and brag about his new ultra superior power with wings and how it was much greater than Uryuu’s because Uryuu refused to evolve. Well, it looks like this is evolution we’re talking about. All I wanna know is how Uryuu will handle this . . . if he ever shows up, that is. And Ichigo should start showing off soon because we haven’t seen him transform or anything yet. He must have acquired new abilities, no?
However, it looks like we will have to wait a bit longer for that since Halibel’s minions summoned the beast. That caught me by surprise actually. I do remember the last time he was summoned and it wasn’t pretty. That thing gives me the creeps. But I am rooting for Ayon this time. :) Opie’s face looked like he was about to shit himself!

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