Kimi to Boku. 2: 03, 04



That either turned you off or reeled you in, which is okay because now I can assure you that you are awesome for either being really confident with your sexuality or you are a fujoshi like me. :3 Welcome . . . to another episodic coverage of Kimi to Boku. 2.

I believe that episode 6 is already out, but because I am so awesome, I will be sharing my thoughts on episodes 3 + 4. For my thoughts on episodes 1 + 2 go HERE.

lol Shun is wearing a dress.
It is x-mas time in the 2D world and the boys are caught up in Chizuru’s shenanigans once again. A couple of pre-existing characters make an appearance in this episode too. Remember that hot sensei and his friend? OH YES. ;) It was funny that Chizuru still felt resentment towards senpai’s friend simply because he couldn’t forget the time he cut him in line. Wait, was that it? I don’t remember, but the point is, Chizuro does not like him. Well, Akira is pretty clueless. I mean, taking off the beard in front of that kid when he’s supposed to be Santa Claus . . . well, that’s unforgivable!

Pedoreindeer XD.
To make matters worse, the kid is nearly run over by a reindeer. Luckily, Akira goes shounen and saves the kid. Thus, giving him a chance to redeem himself. :)

I always question whether the series is episodic or not and I think it is. Every once in a while, there is a random character introduced and it kind of steers you away from the main characters for a bit and gives you someone else’s point of view . . . which is alright, but I demand more Kaname!

What lovely facial expressions Kaname has :3
I laughed my ass off when the two little kids were peeping under Shun’s dress. It isn’t the first time Shun gets harassed by little boys. I hope there are more peeping toms in later episodes – that shits too funny. Better yet, how about they go BL. :) Which brings me to the next episode. This episode was such a tease. I was not enjoying the yaoi at all(okay I was).

That’s what I call brotherly love ;)
This episode was mainly about Yuki and Yuta getting in a fight and being all mad at each other even though there was no yelling involved since they are pretty lazy like that. And so their problem seemed very subtle and ordinary. However, them flashbacks were adorable.

Like most anime with twins, there is always a special episode dedicated to them and that’s what this episode was all about . . . bromance! I didn’t particularly like this episode, though. It was cute, but didn’t they already have a twin episode back in season 1? I think they did. I would much rather see an episode regarding Mary and Chizuru, although it looks like I’m going to have to wait until episode seven because episodes 05 + 06 have a suspicious lack of romance. D: But I’ll leave that for another post.

Yuta has the cutest habit, no?
Obligatory Kaname pic :)
Okay bye!

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