Natsuiro Kiseki 04, 05

Yuka??! Is that really you?
Hello there, and welcome to my episodic coverage of Natsuiro Kiseki 04 + 05. I don’t think I’ve covered my thoughts on episodes 01, 02, or 03, but I’m not about to do that since I am very lazy and I doubt anyone will want to read them. But yeah school is keeping me from ani-blogging, man. You know how it is. So this is me attempting to catch up lol.

Episode 04:
Typical dandere reaction. :)

This episode was mainly about Yuka and her affection for this sexy looking young male you see up there. Yes, I totally understand why she abused of Saki’s body and went on that date. Her actions are totally jusified! I mean, what are friends for if not there to lend you their body? :P I would totally lend my body for a friend in need (^-^)d! Friends . . . if you’re reading this, you have my approval. :) Because I know it’ll never happen . . . muahaha. Anyway, it’s not like Saki wasn’t pissed . . . she was. Except, she was Yuka at the time and that was weird. Then Rinko was Natsumi and Natsumi was Rinko and ahh!! Everything got confusing. About half way through the episode I was still trying to figure out who’s who. It was really heartwarming in the end, though, when Rinko held Yuka. You could tell she really cares for her and feels protective of her. I mean, Yuka is kinda . . . careless? She needs someone like Rinko to look out for her. And that was so cute when that hot guy(what’s his name?) confused Saki – who is really Yuka, for Yuka! They will probably end up together someday. :)

Episode 05:

I wish I could see whales when I’m sick. It is said that if one ever sees a whale in a dream, it is to bring you serenity because it is only when one is most desiring peace that it will appear. In some occasions, the ones most calm will dream of whales. I still don’t know if that is of any relevance to this episode, but that was all I could relate it too. I love whales, so it was bugging me to know what the whale represented in this episode. In this case, the whale is what brought them all together I guess. Also, it is easy to depict the pairs who are closest. For example, Yuka seems to be closer to Rin and vice versa. Natsumi and Saki are partners in crime. It’s the same with my friends. I do hope that we get to see a different pair team up for a bit in upcoming episodes. As for that rock, it didn’t do its magic here, but it will for episode 06. It looks like it’s all about tennis and Natsumi. Ooh can’t wait.

Screenshots credit goes to Randomc.

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