Bleach Ch. 492: Balancer’s Justice!!!

So Kubo reminds us what a Shinigami is . . .

Allon is currently kicking ass at the moment, but the story shifts to Ryuunosuke and his sister? Ugh I still don’t know if that is a girl or what. Looks like a girl since she totally blushed for Kajoumaru. But yeah, Kubo introduces us to a new character. His name is Kajoumaru and is Division 13 – 6th seat. Which means he is under Jushiro Ukitake . . . that sexxy captain. I got a bad vibe from him though. I mean, who is he to be talking about justice!

After explaining to Ryuunosuke what the difference between a Shinigami and Quincy are, he blatantly answers his next question. Wars are fought when both sides are just, apparently. But doesn’t that sound like something someone evil would say? Suspicious♪  . . . 

On the up side . . . Opie is getting his ass kicked. Oh wait, no he was just kidding . . .

I knew it was too good to be true.
It was weird that Ichigo was surprised to see Allon though, but then I remembered that this is actually his first time seeing the beast. It looks like he’s got bigger problems to deal with now anyway. I just want to see Ichigo transform . . . or like Opie says, EVOLVE!

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