Jormungand 03, 04

I ship this. :P
Koko is a pedobear ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ But that’s cool. Koko is loco. :)
Sorry for being late, but I am kinda in the middle of finals . . . wah D’: Only one more week of this and then school is over and I can finally watch anime in peace! Anyway, don’t you all get tired of Jormungand? No! What kind of question is that Cely? geez. How could one possibly get tired of the anime after hearing that awesome OP. I will just post it hear for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, that OP. Isn’t it great and awesome? I know. Listen to it all day if you must. It will just keep getting more awesome. As for the story and plot . . . well I’m really digging the action and those villains. Like that panty-less girl Chinatsu and her boss. Their assassin name is pretty symphonic too: Orchestra. Sound of bullets are music to their ears. Well, we all figured they were a bit cuckoo, no?


The action was there. It bothers me that no one gets wounded though. Not the main characters at least. What are they, Saiyans? And who is this Lutz guy? He has a weakness for little girls apparently, that lolicon. I am curious about him. He’s pretty hot. It was a good thing he didn’t shoot Chinatsu. Heh, it’s not like she would have been taken down anyway. Did you see that escape? That was when Koko found out she was wearing no panties lol.

Panties have been confirmed . . . I repeat – panties have been confirmed.


Koko is so funny. She worries about the silliest things and has no common sense for her safety. She has obviously been relying way too much on that team of hers. There was a scene in episode 4 when she froze and realized she was standing their defenseless, with no one around to protect her. But then she spotted Jonah and felt immediate relief. That was cute. It seems our dear Koko is human, after all. And man, she just keeps getting bitch slapped by men. Those bastards! One thing that was pretty ragey was Chinatsu’s death. She would have made a great asset to the team. Must have been something Koko said to her. Just what did she say to her hmm??

On a more serious note, Jormungand has given me a lot to think about. “Modern day saints carry assault rifles and spread the word of God with their bullets.” Pretty nice dialogue, no? It is an anime that is quite controversial and not afraid to aggregate it. For one, Jonah is a controversy in itself. Child soldiers exist! What? Yes folks. Harsh realities of the world. Gotta love anime for being real with us. You wouldn’t normally find controversy in your average American cartoon now, would you? I myself am pretty oblivious to these things. It is nice to be reminded of them. I don’t want to totally forget about reality. :P

Well, that’s it for today. It’s back to studying for me. We do get more character development from Jonah, but I’ll leave that for another post. Really looking forward to Koko’s development though. OOoOOoHHH. Hope they decide to fill us in on Koko soon and not until the next season. That would suck.

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