Bleach Ch. 493

Holy fuck! A thick scent of death . . . :P

So the fighting with Opie continues (ugh) and he completely obliterates Allon. Right to the bone! And I was beginning to like that beast too. I didn’t expect his three masters to be emotionally attached to it either. At least they’re not stupid. After realizing Opie’s superior strength, they fled by using using the command word “muda,” which in Spanish means to alter or change and ended up hiding behind an illusion of some sort. They even helped Orihime and Chad which was strangely out of character for them. They must have been desperate and needed all the help they can get. Especially since Quincies have the power to absorb reishi and shit.
Unfortunately, their plan backfired and were discovered by Opie almost immediately. His power is far too great for a mere illusion apparently, and so he decides to take them out and ends up seriously injuring Orihime and Chad. Luckily, Ichigo arrives and poses a threat to Opie after going bankai. Don’t know what it is about his bankai that scares these Quincies, but maybe it’s because they can’t absorb his reishi? After that, they totally leave us hanging and shift to Soul Society.

But wait! Soul Society is being invaded by this muther fucker! I really hate these character types. What the hell is he starting wars for if they’re so painful! You are not making any sense! Anyway, there is still hope. TJ from A Product of Wasted Time reminds us that there are still a couple of captains that have yet to go bankai. Ooohhh :O


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