Acchi Kocchi 03 – 05: Let the Games Begin!

Acchi Kocchi has really grown on me. I am enjoying the episodic style and its constant gags and action. Especially those games they spontaneously throw. And these three episode were full of it!

Episode 03:


Epic! In this episode we get a lot of Mayoi. We learn that she has a knack for gadgets, a kindred bond with Inui, and that she is a terrible cook. Seriously, don’t attempt to eat her food . . . unless you want to fucken die!
Plus, she has the cutest buns! And who knew Tsumiki and Io were that good at games when they actually try. Aren’t they just perfect for each other? They are like an unstoppable force! They remind me of Ayuzawa and Usui from Kaichou wa Maid-sama! These couples are my fave. Except, they are too oblivious of each other’s feelings. In this case, it’s Io. Or is he just teasing her? That sexy megane managed to make me nosebleed yet again. I am sorry Tsumiki, but I may have to steal him from you. To be honest, Tsumiki scares me a bit. I’d rather not think of what she’d do to me if I did.
Episode 04:
And more nose bleeding . . .

But it looks like Io’s charms do not work on Mayoi at all. Which is good news to Tsumiki since she has enough problems with the rest of the girls in class. Curse your megane charms!
This episode defied the rules of logic during that ‘kick the can’ game. What the hell? They were just running on walls and jumping really high and oh man it was cool. I especially liked the explanation at the end of the game. Too funny. :) Also that second segment. I believe that nose bleeding has become Acchi Kocchi’s thing. Now every time I see a nosebleed, I will think of this show. But if I watch any more of this, Io will be the cause of my death. That boy sure knows how to throw epic one-liners.
Episode 05:
By now I am pretty convinced that Acchi Kocchi is cuter than Lucky Star. I don’t know. What do you guys think? I realized this after watching the OP numerous times. That OP really grows on you. After a while you just can’t help but kyaa at their chibi selves. Am also really diggin the simple pace. It starts off with a few parodies here and there and then moves on to a game or two(very dangerous games as you can see in the pic above) and finally ends it with a hot bundle of romance. :D
I laughed my ass off when Mayoi gets nailed by that cat. Although it’s awfully familiar to that scene where that fujoshi gets attacked by that giant dog in Lucky Star . . . hmm. And since when do cats play frisbee? Yea, funny shit. The big emphasis on cats in this episode was pretty sweet. Especially since Tsumiki gets all jealous after seeing a bunch of cats all over Io. She instinctively reacts lol. Did she meow? I don’t remember, but that was cute.
Well, I’m out. I am looking forward to blogging the rest of this series. I am a little behind, but I cannot wait any longer. I need that Io dose. It’s like a drug. I need help. :P

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