Bleach Ch. 494

I am so full of emotions right now. :O

For those of you who have been keeping up with the manga are either raging right about now or loving every minute of it. I, of course, am loving it. I have been missing the action, ya know? Well, it is actually the Shinigami which makes this series great, and this chapter just so happens to be filled with many familiar faces. I missed you! >.<
Many new cute faces were introduced and other not so cute faces, but it was pretty disappointing the second these new faces get taken down. These Quincies are not here to play. They mean serious business and to prove it, they killed Kira along the way. Sure, I kinda lost my breathe there for a sec, but what makes me even more mad was the fact that he underestimated his enemy and didn’t pull out his shikai(that’s what she said). I hate it when they do that. Or don’t do that(what?).
On the plus side, we get a cool side of Rukia in this episode as she immediately jumps into battle, showing off her newly gained vice captain attributes. Yes, she upgraded. Goes to show just how much more powerful she is. Can she go bankai . . . hmm?? We are bound to find out. ;)
However, what was really interesting in this chapter were the villains. Them Quincies looked pretty awesome, and I think I will enjoy them a lot more than the bounts or fullbringers. Not the arrancars. No, never. Who I am truly interested in though is that reappearing villain with the looks and the hair. And not just because he is cute. He is tsun too, but that’s not important. This guy will have an interesting back story, I know it. Also, where is that mother f? He is hiding somewhere . . . plotting . . . being evil. Which brings me back to Ichigo. He is just being preoccupied at the moment thanks to Kirge. They better end it soon so Ichigo can like join them in Soul Society. I am getting impatient here >.< And what is this suspicious lack of Uryuu? The more he is left out, the more I want to know about his whereabouts. This distraction is not working Kubo. You cannot fool me. :P
I presume all the main Shinigami will have an opportunity to shine in upcoming chapters. I just hope it doesn’t take so many chapters. It is cruel . . . making me wait every week ~hmph!

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