Kimi to Boku. 2: 05, 06

It’s the thought that counts. :)

So episode 05 was probably the most boring thing ever, but it managed to get its message across. And episode 06 was rather interesting for it is a continuation of Yuki’s crush with the cafeteria lady. It looks like Yuki is not only in it for the stickers.
Episode 05:
Introducing our guest this episode, Akihiro. He is just desperately trying to pass his college entrance exams in order to get into the school of his choice – scratch that – to get into his girlfriend’s school of choice. Ah young love. Well, I can’t relate. I’ve never fallen hard enough for someone that I would do just about anything to pursue that person anywhere. It must feel wonders. However, those exams are another story. This guy is under a load of pressure, I presume. And these boys are no help. Compared to Akihiro, Shun and the others are as carefree as can be which must also add to Akihiro’s frustration. Plus, Chizuru loses this guy’s padlock key from his bike and ended up being his slave for the day. That’s what he gets for being selfish with his wishes at the shrine. :P

Overall, this episode was a lot more subtle than all the other episodes which added to my lack of enthusiasm. However, after giving it some thought it manages to enlighten you a bit. For example, Shun and the others may be carefree right now, but that is bound to change(do I smell a season 3?). It is something we can all relate to. Either we have already undergone through this change ourselves or we will. But it is not necessarily something we should fear. Let’s embrace it and make the best of right now. That last segment when they chased after the mail man was pretty good too. I wouldn’t underestimate the power of a letter if I were you. Now a days, with technology basically taking over the world who writes letters anymore? (Shun does :P) I certainly don’t. Let’s face it. It is far easier to instant message and send virtual flowers rather than putting in the effort. But a letter that was recently mailed to me changed all that. The letter wasn’t even that profound. It was just three simple words written by my little cousin reminding me that he loved me. Well those three words meant a lot to me and it put a big smile on my face. It’s up on my wall because I’m cheesy like that! >.< I figured letters are worth a lot more now a days which is why I plan to mail my own whenever I get the chance. I shall communicate through means of letters from now on(yea right). Anyway, my point is that letters are one of the nicest things one can give to another person. 
Episode 06:

Don’t be fooled by that pretty face. Man, I never get tired of those Shun moments. It’s that hair~! Even though it’s a lot shorter than it used to be, it still manages to cause confusion. But anyway, this episode was not about Shun or his hair. This episode was about Yuki and that lunch lady . . . and her curly hair. :P

I don’t know what Yuki sees in her, but I guess this sort of thing does happen. I am not sure if Yuki really is interested in her or if he just admires her for her sticker collecting skills. Either way, the romance in this episode was very subtle and sweet. I don’t know what else to add to this episode, but could it be that Yuta will also get an episode like he did before with that girl? Could be. I am looking forward to it. :)

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