Bleach Ch. 495

Ah man. As much as I enjoy the action, I’m afraid this is a battle that will not be resolved within a few chapters.

Rose(now captain) is put off against a Quincy who looks a lot like Kaname Tosen, but with a rather unusual name that I do not know how to pronounce. Nanananajahkoop . . . I want to say banana, but that’s not it. Anyway, after feeling mournful for Kira, he claims to take revenge. It looks like the only ones strong enough to stand against the Stern Ritter are those at captain level. Soon afterwards more pairings were made evident. Let’s see, there was Komamura against Bambiettabasterbine(a Quincy who resembles that of a young looking girl), Shuhei Hisagi against this big dude, captain Kyoraku against some old guy, captain Sui-feng against this masked Quincy, and captains Hitsugaya and Ukitake against their unnamed opponents, respectively. After that, the rest of the chapter seemed to focus on Renji’s battle with Nodt – who looks really creepy btw(like an evil version of captain Unohana). Fortunately, after being ambushed, Renji didn’t have to fight alone because Byakuya enters all coolly . . . ready to get down.

Yes, I find him very attractive :)
It looks like this is only the beginning. All that we get from this chapter are those brilliant match ups that we love so much, but various captains/vice-captains have yet to make an appearance, like Rukia! It kind of bums me out that the TV series has ended. I wouldn’t have minded to see this play out on screen. I guess I’ll have to force my bro to read the manga then. This is just too good to be ignored!

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