Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead 06, 07

Ayumu will forever and always be a cross-dressing pervert XD.

So after a few weeks of falling behind and two days of slacking off, I’d say it’s about time I catch up on my aniblogging. Now that school is over, I have more free time so lets get on with this post, shall we?

Episode 06:
After 5 episodes of no plot, it’s all about PLOT! Mystletainn-sensei(why do they call it that?) is fixed and now everyone can go back to the days Ayumu was just a regular student and not some cross-dressing pervert. Unfortunately, Ayumu is cursed and was forced to wear a bride’s gown for their school festival which didn’t help his image at all. So much for his newly gained reputation. Haruna wasn’t doing so hot either. Even with Eu and Seraphim who pulled a Haruhi, her CD’s wouldn’t sell mainly because they were too painful to listen to. But I laughed my ass off when they played that chaka chaka song. I would buy that CD even if it killed me. Well, how much do you pay if it’s 99% off really? But let’s not forget the plot!

Plenty of funny stuff happened like Ayukawa’s engagement with Tomonori and that blood puking doctor. It was pretty random lol. And then those Megalos appeared! Omg that little raccoon was the cutest thing ever! I just wanted to jump in the screen and hug him. :3 But after transforming, Haruna defeated the little fellow and started getting these migraines. That’s when we see Chris looking awfully suspicious . . . which leads me to the next episode . . .
Episode 07:
It turns out that Haruna’s migraine problem was caused by the magic siphon she used in order to transform. Unfortunately, because she absorbed Eu’s powers, she also absorbed her curse and is now in pain every time she talks . . . which is hilarious whenever her words slip out XD. She looks really cute in armor too. And is very cute when she’s jealous . . . that tsun. Especially now that Eu can speak. She’s adorable! And I mean that in a very sisterly way! >.< 

Anyway, Chris turns out to be Dai-sensei’s mentor, a very powerful mahou shoujo who was cursed and turned into a middle aged man and could only lift the curse whenever drunk. I guess she’s the monster Seraphim and Sarasvati were talking about. But now that she has obtained Haruna’s magic siphon and Tomonori’s ring, she seems to be unstoppable. She is the reason those Megalos appeared and the reason Haruna and Tomonori couldn’t sell their CD’s . . . the reason there was no toilet paper this morning(that really happened to me) . . . the reason for sorrow! On top of that, Dai-sensei has decided to send Kyoko to stop her. It looks like Ayumu has a lot to deal with. Well, good luck Ayumu! It’s not like he’ll die. He’s a zombie after all. ;)

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