Natsuiro Kiseki 06, 07

Natsuiro Kiseki is magic. From the characters, to the music, to that rock . . . every episode manages to amaze me. I especially enjoy the atmosphere and the setting of the story. I have had my fair share of traveling and most of the places I’ve visited revolve around South America, but it is the small towns that are truly magical.

Episode 06:

One thing that I didn’t expect from this show were twins or a clone, but I guess anything is possible with that rock. This episode was another “learning experience” type, but this time it was focused on Natsumi. Part of the reason I enjoy this series is that it always has a message to get across. Sometimes the main plot focuses a lot on a wish and other times it is there to focus on the inner relationship of the girls to the point where they don’t need to make a wish. However, it always has that happy ending.

My favorite thing about Natsumi is the fact that she is an older sister(like me^^). Other than that, her personality is not very exciting, but I definitely respect her strong sense of responsibility. Although this episode focused a lot more on the tennis tournament, the action wasn’t as fun as I expected. It seems that her lack of parental guidance added to her stress level and affected her tennis playing. I like that each parent in the anime is very absent in one way or another because it helps give the characters a little more depth. For example, the fact that Natsumi’s mother has a very occupied job may have determined Natsumi’s responsibility. I guess that’s a good thing?
Episode 07:
I love this episode! We finally got to see their performance and it was really cute. Their outfits were really cute, especially Rinko’s sailor hat and Yuka’s twin tails, but I liked Natsumi’s outfit best. Besides the performance, their main problem was simply getting Yuka to practice(she is such a bum :P) and stopping the rain. Nothing a little magic couldn’t fix. We also get a little interaction from Saki’s parents and it looks like they are worried about the move, but they were pretty relieved to hear that another parent went through a similar experience and who’s daughter ended up finding great friends. I guess it’ll be alright if she finds friends lol. However, those were not the only reasons I liked this episode.
This episode managed to emphasize its setting, its very beautiful setting. By the looks of it, the girls come from a very traditional town which would explain the festivities. After watching anime for a certain amount of time, you are bound to come across these festivals throughout different series and it is not something new, but the celebrations in this show really stood out to me. Especially the building of the Taikobashi. All I know is that it is a drum bridge that is put together by various men once they reach their destination. It kind of reminds me of a similar festival I’ve attended in Veracruz where various men carry large man-made bulls filled with fireworks and march around town to celebrate their annual running of the bulls(similar to Spain). It gets pretty lively, which has helped given me a better understanding of this show’s ambiance. I do look forward to visiting Japan someday in order to personally experience the magic myself. I may even come across a magical rock. ;)

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