Jormungand 05, 06

Well, what do we have here? New characters? Koko has a brother?! She is a sister like me eh? :D

Episode 05:
All this time watching the OP, I thought Chequita was a man. That trap.
I am questioning my sexuality right now . . . no, I like boys. I LIKE BOYS!! Seriously, the animation in this show is quite the deceiver. At first, I even thought Koko was a man. They need bigger boobs or else I can’t tell them apart dammit! >.< Anyway, this episode was quite the shocker. A lot of info dump, and all of it referred to Jonah's past. I wasn't expecting such character development, but I'll take it. It turns out that the one responsible for Jonah's dead parents is Kasper, Koko's brother. Who knew? He is also the reason Jonah is even working for Koko in the first place. Most of the episode did focus on Jonah's past, but I didn't expect his past to be that typical. I have seen so many life changing experiences in anime, but the whole deprivation bit is kind of boring now. I did feel sorry for his friend and her gruesome death, I mean, I would hate arms dealers too if that happened to me. But how bad ass was Jonah with that gun!

It looks like Kasper will be playing a much bigger role in future episodes. He already warned Koko about the Chinese, whatever that’s all about, and there is also that scarecrow guy still chasing after Koko. All that’s left were the clues that hinted towards Valmer. Just what is it about Africa that scares her so much?

Episode 06:
What better way to start an episode of Jormungand than with some sweet gun action? I didn’t expect Koko’s ship to be targeted by pirates, but taking them down was easy enough. It was pretty cool to watch.
               . . . silly pirates.

This episode indicates a new arc, some new enemies, and that Chinese duo in which that secretary seems to have some serious beef with Kasper. Or maybe she just likes him . . . that tsun. Plus, Koko is asked out on a date . . . on the condition that he buy some very expensive Chinese food. She is a gold digger. :P On a serious note, it seems that Koko has some business with this guy and as long as she handles the social outings, her crew will be handling the more dangerous stuff. I don’t know what it is that those two are after, but Koko’s crew was ordered to protect that doctor. Dr. Minami really loves butterflies. I guess there is such a thing as butterfly otakus. But that’s not the reason they are so interested in her. It seems that they’re only after her butterfly robots. They would make pretty good weapons, I suppose. However, things didn’t get interesting until Valmer started having this crazy look on her face. It appears that the secretary is the reason behind Valmer’s missing eye. I am looking forward to seeing her duke it out with this woman? Man? I’m pretty sure that person she saw in her vision was a guy.

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