Acchi Kocchi 06, 07

Mayoi’s third bun :P
Welcome to another episodic coverage of nosebleeds Acchi Kocchi. Today, I will be killing two birds with one stone: episodes 06 + 07, and hopefully be able to catch up with the rest of the episodes within this week, so look forward to a few upcoming posts.

Episode 06:
What is this green feeling burning in my chest?
So envious . . . orz.
After the little fanservice Io receives at Mayoi’s expense, I didn’t expect Io to blush. NUOOO~! Does that mean he likes Tsumiki?! . . . orz.
On the bright side, Summer has rolled around which means it’s time for those fun in the sun activities like pool cleaning? I suppose it’ll do. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be doing pool cleaning duties on the hottest of days, but just leave it up to these characters to make it look fun! Nothing like kissing up to a teacher and making fun of your friends. :P Poor scrubby, I mean, Sakaki. Although, it was that second bit that really had me laughing.
It must have been hard for Tsumiki to resist smelling Io’s shirt lol. Oh Tsumiki. :) I don’t blame her. I would have done the exact same thing. But when Mayoi and Hime are caught messing around with his shirt, it reminded me of the funky school girls scene from Nichibros. Girls will be girls . . . And who knew umbrellas could be so dangerous! Poor Sakaki. But umbrellas can be very convenient too. I didn’t expect Tsumiki to make such a bold move. :O
Episode 07:
Okay, Io has to seriously stop smiling and stop doing manly things because I’m afraid I cannot handle anymore blood loss. 

This episode was pure LOVE. I loved this episode! I want to like talk about every bit in this episode, but there are just too many. Instead, I will simply talk about the parts that really stood out to me, but I want to let you know that I loved every second of it~!*

One thing that really stood out to me was Mayoi and Sakaki’s interaction. They make the best comedic relief. I ship this. :) As for the romance, it is just giving us what we want to see isn’t it? Like that whole “otoosan,” “okaasan” bit. I almost died!
Yeah overall, this is the best episode to date . . . well, I am still missing episodes 08 + 09, so we’ll see. One of them has to make a move now! And I say Io should, since Tsumiki kind of already did. 

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