Kimi to Boku. 2: 07, 08

Tsuns are my weakness . . . orz.

Episode 07:
Chococococolates!!! Valentine’s day is the perfect time to hand out chocolates and profess your love to your dearly beloved. But things didn’t exactly go as planned to our dear Mary.

I always considered my lucky number to be 7, and that is exactly what this episode is. I felt pretty lucky to see the romance between Chizuru and Mary blossom. It left me feeling like an ice cream soda – vanilla on top. I don’t know. :P I always did find Mary and Chizuru’s pairing a little weird since she is a lot more introverted than he is. If he were to just shove his feelings on her then it would make Chizuru seem far too pushy and that makes him look like the bad guy. However, that is not the case. Chizuru is well aware of this. He does pretty well as a gentleman, and treats her as gently as she seems . . . besides the dirty thoughts he had that morning. :P
Now that Mary has considered being rejected by Shun, her affection towards him might start winding down a bit. I have a feeling Shun rejected that girl because he just wasn’t ready. I do hope that is the case. I feel so sorry for Chizuru sometimes. Fortunately, that all went away when Chizuru confessed to her. It was one of the sweetest moments I have ever seen<3 And I could tell Mary liked it . . . that tsun.
Episode 08:
Supposedly, if you have soft earlobes, you’re a pervert. Guess I’m a pervert . . .

Overall, this episode was pretty daring with its mix of teen angst and drama. However, its continuous display of jokes kept the episode light-hearted and fun. And holy shit . . . Kaname can sing! :O Is this love? Unfortunately, this episode was not about Kaname. It was about Shun and his brother. And it was surprisingly bold. All Fuyuki thinks about is fondling girls breasts, so I can understand why Shun would worry. On top of that, his brother is in middle school. Unacceptable! I can understand if he were a high schooler, but middle school? Personally, I consider them too young.

Sadly, that is not the reality of it. Kids grow up pretty fast now a days. At least, everything is resolved at the end and Fuyuki’s girlfriend didn’t dump him. Never make a woman feel like shit by asking for dirty things like he did! Grr…

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