Natsuiro Kiseki 08, 09

A big trip is planned by the Kiseki girls and the place they are visiting is none other than Saki’s future home in Tokyo. I was wondering when they were going to shed some light on Saki’s move, and these two episodes focused mainly on that.

Episode 08:
There was no use of the magic rock in this episode which is something they irregularly use to begin with. Instead, they have settled with using it whenever they actually need it. It’s always good to have something to fall back on.

Throughout the episode, it was hard to tell what it was that was bothering Saki. It seemed as if she feared being replaced by her friends once she moved. It wasn’t until the end of the episode that she confessed her true feelings to Natsumi about not wanting to leave. Saki chooses not to tell her parents though as if that would be an inconvenience to them, but I’m sure they already know about her feelings. Although, I don’t think that it would make a difference. Episode 9 sort of clues you in on why that is, plus, we are also introduced to a new character.

Episode 09:
Scratch that. We are introduced to two new characters. Twins as a matter of fact. Both girls. I am glad I watched this episode right away or else I would have assumed that Koharu was a boy and called her a cute bishie or something.

However, this episode seemed to solve the problem that was occurring in the previous episode. And it looks like after getting to know the island that Saki will be staying at, she managed to make new friends and come to terms with what was bothering her. It is always hard to say goodbye or accept them, but these girls managed to do that bravely. All that is left now is how will they spend their last days together. Don’t leave Saki!!!

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