Jormungand 07, 08

Welcome to another episodic coverage of Jormungand! Episodes 07 + 08 were a rather fun bunch for we are introduced to a new set of characters . . . Amalia Tolokhovsky and Schokolade. Schokolade just sounds like the word chocolate in Spanish – I like it!

Episode 07:

It’s hard to believe she works for the CIA.

As far as eating noodles go, her surveillance skills aren’t as fantastic. Especially after getting caught by Koko, while in the toilet. That certainly gave her a little scare. Koko never ceases to amaze me, that’s for sure. There was a lot of comedy involved in this episode too. Despite the fact that Valmer was up against a deadly foe, the episode still managed to make me laugh. Of course, Valmer managed to kick her ass, but we never get all of the details from her past. It looks like that is one problem that will be put on-hold for now. I wouldn’t mind learning more about Valmer’s crazy past.

As for the rest of Koko’s crew, well it was another victory for them. A few injuries for Lutz and Jonah, but nothing severe. In the end, thanks to Scarecrow and Schokolade, they managed to leave unharmed. They even gained a few robotic butterflies from Dr. Minami. However, they keep hiding Koko’s big secret. I don’t know what it was Minami had in mind, but let’s hope we find out about her secret before the second season starts.

Episode 08:

I just love them transaction episodes. Don’t you just love those transaction episodes? They are so exciting!

This episode was off to a good start. Lutz gets owned by Jonah at paintball and is reprimanded by the team for his lack of mountain skills. At least we get a little insight from his past and morals. He seems nice enough.  But besides the humor, this episode was all about selling unmanned aerial vehicles and taking down the competition, Amalia Tolokhovsky. Onto the battle of wits!

Amalia isn’t the most interesting character to date, in my opinion, but her form of crazy does fit the criteria. And because of her former acting career, she did manage to gain the upper hand which left Koko seemingly defeated during those deal negotiations. There was so much political talk thrown around . . . it was hard to keep up. Why does the arms dealing business have to be so complex? Basically, it was a battle of lies going on between Koko and Amalia where as in Koko succeeded in tarnishing the Amalia company name with a little help from that CIA lady. It helps to know that Koko has far more experience about the weapons she sells. But just to prove that Koko is not the meanest bully on Earth, she shows a little remorse and offers to sell her 5% from those stock shares she virtually stole lol.
The episode had such an intricate plot mixed with it’s usual play on words . . . I really can’t express the greatness that comes with this show’s plot and writing. I bow to you creators working on this series. :) Lets hope season 2 is just as good or even better.

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