Bleach Ch. 496

The battle continues between Stern Ritter and Shinigami. Still no sign of Ichigo and no sign of the evil boss. It looks like it’s up to the Shinigami to clean up this mess somehow.

As expected of the captains, they always have something up their sleeve. However, their plan failed almost immediately.
After Byakuya, Toshiro, Sui-feng, and Komamura go bankai, their bankais were swiftly stolen away. It appears they were wrong about thinking that the Quincy seal away bankais, but rather take them completely away. But there is still hope. After all we have yet to see what the rest of the captains will do and their vice-captains. And I don’t know what to think about the gotei 13th squad and their opponent, but it was pretty funny that Kajoumaru pulled a Gandalf and yelled halt you shall not pass. Of course, that reappearing villain might just kill them right away, but it seems very unlikely at this point. I mean, someone has to come along and save them!
Is that a smile? Creepy . . .

But if all else fails, there is always Ichigo. He is still standing pretty strong with his bankai still intact. Just what is it about his bankai that shields evil doings. It seems he has grown immune to this technique or maybe it just has something to do with his zanpakuto. I don’t know. I for one am burning with curiosity.

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