Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead 08, 09

Welcome to another episodic coverage of Korezon. It looks like Ayumu’s past has come back to haunt him once more. It is at this point that I start questioning Dai-sensei’s methods. What was she thinking sending Kyoko like that! I almost shit myself in this scene.

Episode 08:

So Kyoko is back. That scary mahou shoujo is back for another round of crazy. But wait, something is different about her. She is not being crazy at all. What is this garbage? This smells. And just what kind of fanservice is that? And I’m a girl. But before I start making this post all about my rants, I will stop right there.
Interestingly enough, we learn that Chris is the most powerful magical girl out there, but her attempt to overthrow the queen led to her exile. With no other leads, Ayumu was forced to accept Kyoko’s help, but in exchange that he entertain her. Usually, if it were any other anime, I would assume that a situation like this could only lead to trouble, but this is Korezon we’re talking about so it could only end up being really hilarious. If anything, Ayumu did a great job at keeping Kyoko entertained. Sure, she was enjoying the hell out of seeing him suffer, but I could tell she was having fun swinging on those swings. And how can someone not have fun at a mixer when Haruna is fucken present. Impossible! But I do have to agree with the rest of the world that the only person missing from this mixer was Sarasvati. I mean, it’s just not the same when she’s not there harassing Ayumu’s slutty hind.
However, this is a harem so I wasn’t surprised when Kyoko turned out to be another addition as the crazy yandere. All it took was a few stabs in the stomach for the secret behind Chris’s weakness to be revealed. Apparently she’s ticklish on her sides. Woop dee doo.
Episode 09:

While I do find myself questioning the validity of this episode, it does make up for the lack of Sarasvati from the previous episode. I was wondering when the day would come that Sarasvati would show her dere side. But this just makes things harder for Ayumu. He has like so many girls after him already. Does he need this right now? As if the creators give a damn. They decided hey let’s throw in a busty red head and call her Nene, the doujinshi artist.

Nene, short for Naegleria Nebiros, is the most powerful megalo of the underworld. If there is anyone strong enough to stand against Chris, it’s her. However, she refuses and Ayumu and the others end up helping her with her doujinshi projects for the rest of the day. At least we got some interesting insight on that all out war between the Villiers and the Megalos. But what’s up with that beautiful scenery? Is this underworld like the Elysian Fields or something? And just who was that long-haired bishie Ayumu look-alike? Did I miss something?

Anyway, Sarasvati pretty much stole the last quarter of the show and managed to steal an indirect kiss from Ayumu. Although, I found that kind of cute, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of sexual harassment on her part. Where is the butt love? Shit. And just what the hell are Chris and Nene doing?

Yesterday is history, I guess.

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