Acchi Kocchi 08, 09

Yukata service! *__*
Welcome. Today I will be covering episodes 08 + 09, two episodes that are rich in nosebleeds and full of quirks. Man, I never get tired of the constant gags. I don’t even care if Tsumiki ends up dating Io, this is a series that will be rated pretty high in my book.

Episode 08:

Io has just reached a new level of badassery.

So summer has rolled around and it is hot. But besides your usual beach episode, the gang decided to chill at Io’s home because he has A/C. What are friends for if not there to share their air conditioner? And those gags just keep coming, don’t they? After every funny gag, I was literally just sitting there saying I am so blogging this. But because all of you, most likely, already saw this episode, I will have to settle for productive speculation only. Well, now that I think about it, I find getting productive speculation from a parody pretty difficult, but I’ll do my best.

One thing that I noticed is the change of pace. It used to be that it had a lot more action packed parodies, but the parodies seem to be winding down for the romance. Instead of the usual quirks, I find myself counting down the number of times Io and Tsumiki give off any possible hints of progression in their relationship. Like when Tsumiki completely embarrasses herself due to Mayoi’s joke about the kiss mark. Oh the sensitivities of a maiden’s heart! At least Hime gets more screen time in this episode. We rarely get gags that focus on her, besides her epic nosebleeds. Hime needs more love! >.<

Episode 09:
Sakaki . . . you duh sexxy!

From mid-summer days to Fall, the season has changed once again and it is time for the anime’s school festival. School festivals are very common in anime. At least every school anime has a similar episode. They must be a big deal in Japan since kids even pull all-nighters for these things. It sounds like fun actually. Why can’t parents here in America be so trusting with their kids? :P

But anyway I’m going for more productive speculation and this episode clearly focused more on the romance between Io and Tsumiki. Although, I do prefer a little more action in my anime, the slice of life approach is always good too. Whenever they’re not busy defying the laws of gravity, the lovey dovey parts are busy filling in the gags. So even if the pace slows down a bit . . . it is still funny as fuck!

One interaction in particular is most entertaining. Although Mayoi and Sakaki share a more brotherly bond, I cannot help but ship these two. They are definitely my favorite pair in the series. When it comes down to Io and Tsumiki, well I can hardly approve of their relationship with Io looking so damn fine, but it is thanks to Mayoi and Sakaki that Io and Tsumiki can even progress. Let’s face it, if those two weren’t there to cause mischief, Tsumiki would have never worn Io’s kawaii man made outfit. Damn her. I am seriously not settling for a man less than Io. He must be someone who wears glasses, is adorably naive, and is willing to make me crepes. Shit.

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