Kimi to Boku. 2: 09, 10

Yuki smiled . . . OH MY GAWD!

Sorry for the wait. I have been slacking off lately, but I missed you guys, so lets jump onto episodes 09 + 10 already. -blacksheep tells me episode 10 is another Mary and Chizuru episode. Let’s hope they get together this time. :P

Episode 09:

Who is that? He looks like a sexy older version of Kaname. I want him *__* But before I start fangirling, lets dig into the plot. Yuuki needs a part time job. A what? That’s what I said. I remember my first part time job. BABYSITTING. It was horrible. Anyway, in order to get his hands on a game, he needs money and money requires work and work requires motivation and Yuuki is not motivated. He is like the opposite of that. He is a bum, basically. A sexy bum :D However, Yuuki cannot get by on good looks only. It seems Yuuki lacks some sense of responsibility. That’s when the big boss comes in. The kind of boss who looks more like a gang leader than a restaurant manager. By now I was wondering whether this episode was parodying an anime or something. I rarely see restaurant themed animes so I don’t know. But it was a funny episode indeed.

There was plenty of interaction between Yuuki and his friends, I just couldn’t stop laughing. Leave it to these boys to make a big fuss over something so small. I hardly think mistaking a drink order is something to get agitated about. It eventually cost Yuuki his job. And since this anime tends to emphasize and implement certain morale, it left Yuuki a bit contemplative at the end. Luckily, that little girl was there to thank him properly for Yuuta’s service. It’s like I really want to hate this kid, but what she did was highly adorable.
Episode 10:
Although I did find the fanservice rather nice, this episode was about Mary and Chizuru. Since Chizuru’s confession last time, they haven’t spoken to each other and have created a habit of avoiding each other instead. Love makes everything akward. Especially in the beginning because one is not used to it. I remember the first time I got confessed to. We were such awesome buddies too. What the hell! Why’d he go and do that for? It ruined our relationship. Well, it was more of a matter of avoiding him because I didn’t know how to act around him. Which is why I can understand Mary’s feelings. But I was in middle school back then . . . they are in high school, so Mary better start loving Chizuru because he is too cute! >.<
Overall, this episode managed to make my heart go doki doki. I have a sudden urge to sing that Utapri song, but I won’t do that right now. I will just let these emotions make the rest of my day. It seems that Chizuru is fine with simply occupying Mary’s thoughts, even if it’s just for a little while. Their relationship may be slowly progressing, but it is progressing. So I am hoping that everything concludes by the last episode, unless they decide to make a season 3. But I would much rather see their relationship conclude already. And where is my Kaname episode! There must be a Kaname episode!

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