Bleach Ch. 497

Panic mode activated . . . where’s Ichigo?!

Captain Kuchiki, Hitsugaya, Sui-Feng, and Komamura had their bankai’s stolen . . . although, according to Captain Unohana, as far as she could tell the only reiatsus that were stolen were from the 2nd, 6th, and 7th divisions. Those were her exact words so it sounds like Hitsugaya is in the clear, but I may be over-speculating. It wasn’t long after that everyone received the warning and started calling the captains idiots and what not. I suppose it wasn’t every ones intention to go bankai which means they are still testing out the waters since Mayuri admitted he had unfinished analysis. Even Captain Kyoraku got a feel of his pistol wielding opponent and lost an eye in the process. Soon panic struck and Renji was about to make a terrible mistake by calling out his bankai. Old Captain Yamamoto was on the move and the big Quincy boss was on the sidelines, advising his long haired subordinate.

Is he showing remorse? And the Quincy boss is letting him? It seems Kajoumaru was just another unlucky addition to the pile of deaths, but his subordinates should be safe for now. At this rate, they are just gonna have to call Ichigo, oh wait, they do!
Good call . . . I guess?

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