Natsuiro Kiseki 10, 11

Saki . . . you brat.

I’m back with another pair of Natsuiro Kiseki episodes. Today I will be discussing episodes 10 + 11. Just think . . . one more week and it ends. NUOO~! How will I survive without my weekly dose of magic and frienship!

Episode 10:
Natsumi, you too?

Last week, the girls encountered their past selves and boy were they a nuisance. Not only did Saki prove to be a big pain in the butt, so did the other girls. I guess people do change over the course of time. Whoever you might have been 5 years ago may not be who you are now. In fact, they may be an entirely different persona now. I’ve always wished for the chance to meet my past self, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for these girls. This magical rock has a mind of its own. The girls didn’t even wish for this situation, but they got it anyway. Rock knows best, I guess.

I thought it was interesting that their past selves somehow gained inspiration from this incident and that the ghosts were actually them all along. Who knew forgetting a day from your past would lead to this. It turned out to be an endless crack into time and a day they will never forget. In the end, it wasn’t that surprising that Yuka booked an idol audition. By the way things are moving, it seems that their idol performance will conclude the last episode. We’ll have to wait to find out.

Episode 11:

This week, the girls are on their way to Tokyo once again, after preparing for their much awaited idol audition. What we initially thought would be an easy idol pass, came with a twist. Yuka’s baseless confidence wavered and their audition didn’t make the cut. It turned out that Yuka was most afraid of Saki leaving and was hoping this audition would determine her stay.

In the end, they accidentally wished for an endless summer. The time turned back to yesterday and their audition was pending once again. It’s like Haruhi’s endless eight. But instead of eight unbearable episodes, we will be given only one. The final episode. D’: Having an endless summer of fun with Saki must be a dream come true for these girls. And if they remember all of it, even better. The question remains whether the girls will pull out from this endless summer or not. My guess is most probably yes. But an endless summer ending would be a first.

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