Bleach Ch. 498

The Black Rescuer. I wonder who that is. :P

Another chapter has arrived! Things were looking terrible in Soul Society and Akon was desperately searching for Ichigo because he is the most bad ass character, you know. LOL. Who am I kidding? It was just so funny seeing them frantic over Ichigo. Yeah he’s strong, but seriously don’t underestimate the captains! I mean, Akon didn’t even know that the Quincy couldn’t absorb Ichigo’s bankai until Urahara told him, so that can’t possibly be the reason they called him.

But anyway, we find out that Ichigo has surpassed Kirge and that the Quincy maybe even fear bankai. Well, we knew that, but Ichigo was still wondering about it. And I suppose Ichigo has a better understanding of it all at the moment. We just aren’t sure why they fear it or what they intend to do with it. My guess is their intentions lie somewhere along the lines of what the Fullbringers had in mind. Maybe absorb it as an attempt to get stronger, but who knows.

In the end, Ichigo managed to weaken Kirge significantly. Urahara took that opportunity to open up the senkai gate and hurry Ichigo to Soul Society. Either, next week’s chapter will focus on Soul Society and Ichigo or on Urahara’s battle with Kirge. I don’t suppose Urahara will show us his bankai now, would he? Either way, I do hope we get to see Rukia. There’s been no sign of her for like three weeks already. D:


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