Jormungand 09, 10

They are so buff *__*

I don’t know about you guys, but having too much muscle particularly turns me off. However, episode 9’s beach sequence was fun nonetheless. Jormungand has been great at mixing the seriousness of its plot with excellent comedy and characters. I am damn glad there is more of Jormungand this upcoming Fall.

Episode 09:

It really feels like Summer when there is so much sun present in your seasonal anime as well. The beach sequence was pretty refreshing. Tojo and Lutz’s approach towards Valmer’s ripped body was pretty hilarious. She has so much muscle it’s crazy! And if she were never groped by Renato, I would’ve never noticed Renato’s pretty face. But anyway, this episode offered more character development. Mao’s background seems pretty normal. He has a family of his own and the only real danger he has ever faced was handling huge artillery guns. We also discover that Lehm was once married to Chequita and that he has a habit of constantly remarrying her. I can’t say if that habit is a good one though.

The real problem for Koko in this episode was delivering the humanitarian aid organization to “Republic T.” However, in order to do that they needed to get past a Mr. Dragan Nicolaevich. He was described as a very brutal and powerful enemy, although, he didn’t seem like a huge threat once Koko’s crew started shooting. But this is just part one of this newly found arc. Jormungand consists various mini arcs throughout the series which tend to elongate as far as two episodes, so episode 10 should conclude this arc. I hope there is more character development though . . . one of my favorite things about Jormungand.

Episode 10:

I can’t remember the last time Koko’s game face was on, but it must have been a while already. According to Jonah, Koko always smiles to hide her true identity while Jonah never smiles to hide his. That was just a small detail I forgot to mention from episode 9, but every once in a while, that facade fades and we may get a glimpse of their heart. But philosophical points aside, the point is, we are getting more character development. Especially from Koko. It seems to me like she doesn’t like being called a Dragon, but we’ll have to be patient to find out why.
Overall, this episode managed to solve the problem from Jormungand’s last episode. Koko defeated Dragan and rescued the chief doctor. Flying with Koko is always trouble, according to Lehm, but she just makes it look so bad ass. Mao’s time to shine came as he handled the weapons he once wielded. I guess it’s safe to assume that we will be receiving more character development from the crew and maybe even a deeper look into Koko’s past and her father. Floyd Hekmatyar has certainly captured my interest. There is more to Koko’s bold charisma and why this crew is so loyal to her. My guess is that her father has a lot to do with it.

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