Acchi Kocchi 10, 11

Pedobear . . . (insert pedobear song).

Episode 10:

It’s Winter time in the 2D world, the perfect time for Mayoi to go around harassing people in a bear suit. However, I didn’t find it all that funny this time around. Maybe the gags are not hitting all the way home for me as they used to. Instead, I find myself focusing a lot more on Tsumiki and Io’s relationship. At least Io has still got it. I almost died from his epic one-liner! Oh how I wish Io were Santa for real. I’d be a good girl every year if you know what I mean (wink wink).

But anyway, I didn’t expect Mayoi’s bear gag to take up all of Part A. There are usually more gags in between, but this one ran on for a long while. There were also a few other things I barely noticed like the fact that Miiko is Sakaki’s sister. I guess I forgot about that. Plus she’s always with her eyes closed. That’s right. She’s one of them. :O Always smiling . . . But creepy notes aside, Tsumiki reminds me of Tooru from A-Channel. I love Tooru!! It’s those sleeves. *__* But yeah, Acchi Kocchi is still very cute. I can’t wait to see what the final episode has in store for us.

Episode 11:

That cliffhanger. :O Could it be love? Could it be a fever? It better be love!!! >.<

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