Kimi to Boku. 2: 11, 12 – My Much Awaited Kaname Episode!! :)

Hello! Today I will be covering episodes: 11 + 12. After this, I have a few posts pending with my final impressions on various series including Kimi to Boku. There were so many final episodes this past week! It makes me a little sad, but do not fret! Summer is here to provide us with more anime goodness. Unfortunately, I will not be covering any anime series this Summer, but I’ll leave that for another post. Anyway, let’s dig into these Kimi to Boku episodes. That look on Yuuki’s face says it’s gonna be good.

Episode 11:

Episode 11 turned its focus to Mary and her lack of friends. I didn’t expect Matsushita to become her new found bestie, but it was pretty funny seeing how they fawned over their seniors. Which brings me to the fact that Yuki and the others have already entered their third year of high school. I suppose third year is your senior year in Japan? I guess Kimi to Boku really is over this season. I doubt that there will be a season 3, but who knows . . . their is still plenty of manga material. I haven’t read the manga though, so I don’t know how or if the anime has strayed from its original path. At least we got some nice, shounen moments with the sempais this episode.
Spring has begun anew and the sports festival has taken place. This episode was very much like Kimi to Boku’s first episode, plus, Yuki manages to surprise us with his flexible skills once again. I didn’t expect rivalry between the Asaba twins, but that’s exactly what we got. Who knew volleyball could be so intense! Most of that rivalry came from Yuki though. I guess I would take it personally too if my brother were to show me up in a game like that. But the best part was seeing Shun try so hard. He looked like he was on drugs, afterwards XD. And Kaname . . . he looked so hot spiking the ball. I wanted him. *__*
Overall, the comedy didn’t miss a beat and Mary’s problem was subtly solved. She really does seem to do fine on her own. It’s not like anyone helped her make friends or anything. That was all her. I now appreciate her character a little more. But if Chizuru were jealous of her new found friend . . that would have made things more interesting.
Episode 12:

I wanted to go Taiga on her ass! Where is my kendo stick!?!

So my much awaited Kaname episode arrived. I would have blogged about it sooner, but as you can see, I am not the most reliable person when it comes to timing. Sumimasen!

Man, I don’t know what to say about this episode. It was your typical Kimi to Boku episode with its charming, light-hearted moments and sweet dialogue, but that woman just pisses me off! How dare she brake my darling’s heart! Oh my god . . . Sarasvati has rubbed off on me. :P But anyway, I shouldn’t complain because now I can have him all to myself. Muahahaha.

Oh wait, this too poses a problem . . .

Just another obstacle I must face. :P

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