Acchi Kochi 12: Final Impressions

That ending . . . orz.

So a year passed by quick and Valentine’s Day has arrived once again. Except this time, the boys reciprocated their feelings on White Day as well.
Your typical shounen day . . .
Poor Kyouya. He just didn’t understand the meaning of White Day. Someone had to clue him in. :)
Overall, this episode managed to disappoint me in the end . . . a little bit. Why didn’t they get together!! After all that effort Tsumiki put into those chocolate brownie kitties . . . why Io?! WHY!?!? Unless, Io’s gummies meant something more . . . like an indirect message that means I accept your feelings and would like to take you out some time . . . yes, that’s probably it. Oh Io, you almost had me there for a sec. :P

Ha ha. So being in denial helps ease my soul, but I cannot deny that the series has ended. I will really miss the gags and patterns and arrows and colors . . . Mayoi’s buns and . . . Io *__* That megane . . . mmm!

I didn’t expect tsundere Kyouya though.

I will miss that too. ^^

So if you’re reading this out of curiosity for the series by any chance, I am here to tell you that it is worth your time. WATCH IT. Thank me later. Constant nosebleeds are guaranteed and falling off your chair laughter is most probable. If either fail, you may just die of epic moe-ness. The risk is up to you.

And I just have one last thing to say . . .


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