Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead 10: Final Impressions


I haven’t gotten around to this post. My bad. Here are my late, overdue, final impressions . . .

So the finale for this series was not what I expected. What happened to Chris? Why is Kon in this episode?  Why are there so many Ayumu bishies?
Not that I am complaining.
I think that Another/Alternative/Dark Ayumu was a great idea. He was so dark . . . and alternative. And I’m pretty sure that those seven deadly sins were nothing more than a parody of the Utapri boys. Again, not that I am complaining. But that ending was not the best, I must say. Unless, there’s a season 3. Or did Chris just give up on the mayhem? I suppose she just needed to let out a little bit of steam from being shackled to another body for all those years. Although the ending does seem to fit the series, it wasn’t the conclusion that I was hoping for. But I can live with it.
Overall, it was a fun ride. It had its funny moments, its absurd moments, and its hysterical moments! I remember a few ragey moments, but I cannot deny that this series was thoroughly enjoyable. Especially the characters. I will never forget Sarasvati’s butt love, nor Haruna’s and Yuki’s voodoo dance, nor Ayumu’s attempt at curing Eu XD. It was all cry worthy laughter. So please! Introduce us to a new season!! I cannot let go of Haruna yet orz.

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