Anime Expo 2012 – A Day at AX!

After a year and a half since becoming an avid anime fan, I have finally made it to the promise land. So many faces with the same craving for anime cramped up in a building all together! Sounds like fun, right? Well, it is.

Welcome to AX :)

Given it’s the largest anime convention in the United States, the fact that there were so many people didn’t come as quite a shocker. Although, it wasn’t until late afternoon that it started getting really crowded. Good thing we got there just in time for the Exhibit Hall to open. It was fun rushing in with the crowd. :) Of course, I wasn’t alone . . . I just had to drag my little bro with me. I am a little bummed that I couldn’t attend all four days though. And so the fallowing pics are all from Sunday, July 1st . . .

Obligatory Mirai Itasha pics ^^

I didn’t get a chance to meet the infamous blogger, Danny Choo, and my only chance was probably at the AX fashion show, but I didn’t attend that either orz. Oh well. At least now with these pics, I can say I took pictures of the same Itasha Danny Choo took pictures of lol.

I did, however, get a chance to meet Crunchyroll’s guest host Charmie Sweets.

Meet the lovely cosplayer, cosplaying as Clover Club Miku from Project Diva. She was really sweet for allowing me to take her picture! Plus, Crunchyroll’s full-time host Victoria Holden was a few feet away, but I didn’t take a picture of her Kanako cosplay from Star Driver! But yeah, she looked pretty busy at the time. :P

Oh wait, yes I did . . . kind of.

So not quite, but good enough.

By then, we were already in the Exhibit Hall . . . wasting all my money. We watched Crunchyroll for a few minutes and then continued buying loot . . . and more loot. As entertaining as Crunchyroll may be at embarrassing people, my brother couldn’t handle the amount of time just standing there, so we moved on. 

MY GOODIES(insert Ciara song XD):

I ended up buying more stuff than I initially intended, only because some of the things I bought were gifts I was planning to give out to a couple of friends. Plus, I bought my brother quite a bunch. See, I can be a nice sis. In total, I wasted about $170. I believe that the Angel Beats! dvd was the most expensive. It was $45, but it was worth every penny. :P And my best buy were probably the doujinshi prints. That Railgun print was really cute and my brother was nice enough to give me a print from his Gurren Lagann set. I really like Kamina, but Viral comes in second best. :)

Oh, and I couldn’t forget about Ulquiorra! I made sure I bought myself a nice poster of him. Although, I wish I stayed at the Artist Alley a little longer. There was so much good looking artwork! If I only had the money . . .

The fun didn’t end there, though. Next up . . . 

She sounds great live! I made sure to record her Angel Beats! songs, although I missed my chance at recording “Crow Song”. I was simply too busy rocking out to that one. :)

Things started getting louder when she sang “Oath Sign.” It’s not my favorite song . . . maybe because I haven’t watched Fate/Zero yet? – but it was really cool seeing clips from the anime roll on screen throughout the song. I was really hoping that she sing “Alchemy,” but it never happened. :( At least, my brother enjoyed it.

I will definitely come back to see her, if I get the chance. I believe that next year, AX will be hosting another LiSA concert. I can’t wait!


Without further ado . . . here are the rest of the pics. We finished off by taking pictures of random cosplays and figures. Unfortunately, I took no mecha pics. What the hell was I thinking!

For those of you who are watching Saint Seiya Omega atm ;)

Because we are such DBZ nerds.

Why not.

Ha ha. I can’t believe my brother managed to take a shot of this.

So we got a little carried away with the DBZ pics :P

After that, we called it a day. I had a lot of fun. :) Next time, I’ll be sure to plan a schedule because I didn’t do that at all this year, which is why you see a terrible lack of panel descriptions. But for my first con, I think I did pretty well. Plus, right after, my brother started watching FMA Brotherhood. Usually, he depends on my recommendation of a series . . . but not this time. I am so proud of him. D’:


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