Going on a Trip

It’s time to pack~! I will be embarking on my summer trip this year, but I’LL BE BACK!

Yep, this trip will keep me from aniblogging for a while. In the meantime, won’t you all enjoy this summer’s anime on my part? Please do. I’ll be back by this September just in time for school. I’ll try to update whenever I can, although it won’t be frequently. Since I will be residing overseas for a bit, I cannot guarantee having internet connection at all times. There will be a terrible lack of anime in my life for two whole months . . . it pains me to think about it. And unless I get a reliable internet connection, I might just die! D: (HAHA).
Oh, and check out my AX post here in case you haven’t already. :)
So this video fits in rather nicely . . . (be sure the captions are on).

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