Jormungand 11 + 12: Final Impressions

How old is Koko in this pic oO?

So it’s about time I write my final impressions of Jormungand and since this is another double episode arc, I will change my format for this and discuss the arc as a whole.

Just how crafty was Koko as a child? It is killing me to know about her background and, unfortunately, we never got that from these two episodes. I suppose this will all be covered in season 2. Awww.
At least we got some great action from this arc. Especially from Valmet. Even Ugo shows us his brute strength and we find out that he was once a part of the mafia until Koko managed to get her hands on him.  And that cliffhanger really did keep you guessing. Is he dead? This is Jormungand so maybe. Things like that, you know? My only problem with this arc was that Valmet’s revenge was concluded all too soon. We didn’t even get to see Valmet knife it out with that old guy. I really wanted to see how she finished him off. D:

I didn’t expect her to die so quickly either . . . 

Overall, Jormungand has been quite the interesting series. The way it tells its story man. There have been complaints here and there on the artwork, but I think it’s a part of its charm now. And I definitely noticed the increase of violence these last two episodes. Maybe Jormungand 2 will be even crazier. We already know that Renato holds contact with the CIA. It’s already making me beg for more!
Yup, he’s cute.

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