Kimi to Boku. 2: 13 – Final Impressions

I figured that the last episode would be about Shun’s thoughts on his days after high school. I just thought it would be a matter of missing his friends and not so much about his future plans, but it makes sense that he would worry about that.

I suppose I can agree with what -blacksheep says about how this episode has that real finale feeling, unlike its prequel, even though I did find this ending rather bland. I don’t know, Shun bores me. However, I don’t think that anyone would be more fitting for the job. Shun had initially introduced us to the series anyway . . . right from the start, so I can agree with having him conclude the series. Plus, comparing sequels to its prequels is pretty normal. I believe the sequel was funnier than the first season, although I did find the first season’s pacing a lot more enjoyable.

Overall, this series made me smile more often than not and Kaname offered some great tsundere fanservice.  It’s hard not to like this series with so many cute bishies, but don’t let that stop you from watching the anime.  Kimi to Boku has a lot more to offer you than just its cute bishies. This slice of life can and will make you feel like a warm winter’s day as it enamors you with its subtle-ness. From the subtle romance, to the subtle jokes . . . you will smile and remember your own delicate life. Trust me, it is quite amusing.

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