Bleach Ch. 506

It’s been a while since my last chapter review, but while I was gone I managed to keep up with the latest chapters. There was some raging going on when Ichigo was rendered useless and some fangirling the minute I realized Kenpachi was holding not one, but 3 dead Sternritters on his back!
. . . I guess it’s back to raging again since Kenpachi is no good against Bach. Old man Yama better put up one hell of a fight!

So we all have an idea of how powerful the old man is, right? That display of power against those 3 Sternitters should pretty much tell you everything you need to know. As for Bach . . . all we know is that he’s more powerful than Kenpachi and who knows how much more powerful Kenpachi got in the last couple of years. It is also quite irritating, knowing that Yama is very powerful but has never showed it until now. Do you know how many battles he could have prevented? Gin would have been alive right about now – assuming that Bach is stronger than Aizen.
But it makes sense that Yama would display something so personal like his bankai in an attempt to avenge his subordinate. I am quite looking forward to this bankai of his. I’m guessing his bankai will get taken away by Sternritters, but someone needs to occupy this guy! At least until Ichigo gets out of that prison.
Oh, and where’s Uryuu?

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