A Lot of OVAs This Week . . . and a Special.

OVA releases are a nice reminder to let you know that the current anime season has ended and a new anime season has begun. They can even offer you a bit of closure with some of your favorite past airing anime series, and other times, hopes for a second season.

Here are my impressions on a bundle of OVAs and Specials I watched this Fall 2012 . . .

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai:
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, or Haganai, had an OVA released Sept. 26, 2012 with a duration of 24 min. It’s the 13th unaired episode of the series, and to be frank, I enjoyed this closing a lot more than it’s original ending.

The OVA was not very different from Haganai’s second episode “There’s No God in the Electric World” where it showed us Sena’s and Yozora’s competitive spirit in a virtual world setting. But instead of playing video games, the Neighbor’s Club participated in a novel relay where they each take turns writing out a novel with Kodaka as the protagonist. Needless to say, it was funny. Yozora and Sena are still at it. Maria and Kobato are still at it. Shigumi, Rika is still a pervert. And Yukimura is still in love with Kodaka. Overall, it was a nice reminder about just how funny Haganai’s cast of characters can be.

With that said, Haganai’s second season is due to air: January of Winter 2013, so look forward to it~!

Accel World EX:
Accel World had an OVA released Sept. 13, 2012 called Accel World EX. There are a total of two OVAs(each with a duration of 26 min.) which are meant to be released along with the Accel World simulation and action games, but only one has been released so far.

Unlike most anime series, Accel World doesn’t know the meaning of “wait.” Before the anime series had even ended, there was an OVA already in store for us. However, the OVA doesn’t really add much to the story. Throughout, Haruyuki and the others must put a stop to a pumpkin-headed trespasser(Halloween anyone?) who locks in its victims to the school network and steals everything from them . . . including their clothes! Although, they never really shed any light on why the culprit did all this, it was still rather enjoyable to watch. For whatever it lacked, it made up for it with its character interaction and shounen fights. Plus, Chiyu and Takumu were just fun to watch. :)

I am already looking forward to its second OVA. And hopefully by then we’ll find out about a possible second season or not. I don’t really mind a continuation of the story.

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 1:
Although this OVA premiered last season, it took a little longer for someone like me to get to it since it was theatrically released in Japan instead of directly to BD format. And we all know how long it takes for movies to get to us foreigners ;_;

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito premiered July 16, 2012 with a total duration of 50 min. The project itself consists a total of four OVAs which will all premiere in Japan in a quarterly basis. The second OVA is due to premiere this November 2012. Until then, here are my impressions on this OVA:

Is that Yoko Kanno I hear? That jazzy music can’t fool me. I LOVE HER~! *__* I suppose her style of music is best for this type of project. Code Geass had an excellent soundtrack, but her jazzy tunes will definitely give this series that extra funk. Fangirling aside, the spin-off managed to appeal to me and the characters, no less, ignited my nostalgia. Besides the obvious looks, Akito seems to hold a mixture of Lelouch and Suzaku traits. And I was surprised to know that the story takes place between the first and second season of Code Geass. Overall, the story looks promising. This was just an introduction, but it looks like the story will hit it off from here on out. It’s nice that we get to witness another setting, another problem, and another point of view in this holy war. Although it seems that a couple of pre-existing characters will be showing up in the next episode. I can’t wait!

Inu x Boku SS Special:
Last, but not least, an Inu x Boku Special aired Sept. 26, 2012 with a duration of 24 min. The episode consists of three shorts that were newly written by the manga author Fujiwara Cocoa.

Now, if you’re familiar with the Inu x Boku franchise, you would know about its shoujo effects despite the fact it’s categorized as a shounen. But it’s precisely because of that, it managed to gain a wider audience. Not to mention its cast of characters is what truly makes this series worthwhile.

The episode expands into three mini arcs. And the fun thing about it is that they all take place after the original series, so you can expect some serious intimacy between our main protagonists. Although, one of Inu x Boku’s best qualities has got to be its random humor . . . and Kagerou. That’s right my human chamberpots! Kagerou is probably the funniest and most interesting character throughout the series. He’s just weird.

Overall, the episode was really fanservicey and that is a good thing. I had forgotten about how funny this series really is, and for that I am truly thankful for this Special. It was nice.

Here’s to a season 2~!

And that concludes my impressions. Don’t you just love specials?


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