Shinsekai Yori 01: First Impressions

So here are my first impressions on the mystery/horror/supernatural anime everyone has been talking about.

I think I might give this anime a shot after all. I’ll tell you why . . .

Nice looking art.
Supernatural abilities.
Not only did the anime catch much attention with its intro of exploding school girls, it managed to execute its plot in a very intriguing way. From start to finish, the anime was full of mystery and suspense. I could not turn away from the story. O.O WTF?

Shinsekai yori derives from a novel written by Kishi, Yusuke – who has twice won the Japan Horror Association Award. By all means Yusuke, make us shit in our pants! :D

But besides the mystery, the setting is another plus. One minute, it is an industrialized modern town, the next, it is a domestic rural one. Despite the fact that the setting takes place one thousand years into the future, it seems like time itself has shifted back instead of forward. Obviously the story has a lot of history to cover, starting with “Juryoku.”

“Juryoku” – the psychic ability all people in this era have. It apparently lets them materialize anything they imagine, but that doesn’t necessarily explain the fire ritual in the beginning. For some reason, people in this world have acquired a supernatural ability, and with that, a whole new meaning of governance.

Overall, the story looks very promising, and I say that due to some major spoilers from MAL(I’d avoid it if you’d wish to not be spoiled), but a story cannot be complete without a likeable cast.

Saki, along with her friends, leads the story forward. But none of the characters have tickled my fancy, so far. Although, there is always room for character development, so I wouldn’t worry about that just yet.

Next episode should bring a lot of interesting developments – with Reiko missing and all. If next week’s episode is any good, I may end up covering this series on a weekly basis . . . Idk.


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