Bleach Ch. 510

No surprise there. Old man dies. Bach takes over. Ichigo escapes. Ichigo saves the day. We all know what’s going to happen Kubo! Now where’s Uryuu??

So there was a lot of guesses throughout the aniblogsphere about a possible second Bach, and they were exactly right! So, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when we find out Bach was not the one who died, but his twin soldiers. Unfortunately for Yama, he has reached the end of his rope, and since Bach is now the only one strong enough to handle Yama’s bankai, he will most definitely cause some serious damage with it. Will Ichigo even be strong enough to go up against Yama’s bankai? I mean, he’d have to be pretty fire proof to go up against the sun!
And just what was the point of showing Aizen? Don’t tell me he’ll eventually have a change of heart like all shounen characters do. Oh lord.

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