Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 01 – First Impressions

Because he is the fucken Dark Flame Master.
I don’t know what it is about KyoAni works that makes me hate their intros, or I should say, what frustrates me about KyoAni is that they are so fucken similar to the next KyoAni show. Maybe it’s because it’s such a popular studio that I even notice these things in the first place, but man am I tired of it. Yet, I know that this show is going to win me over at some point. FUCK YOU KYO ANI!

Okay, enough with the f word. What I’m trying to say is, to this day, I have not given any KyoAni show, that I’ve seen, a score lower than an 8. And to me, an 8 is not just good, it’s very good. Except for maybe OVAs and Specials – I’m talking about complete series here! And if I ever did, I’m sure I changed my mind after rewatching it. There’s just something about KyoAni that makes me love them so. And I’m not simply referring to the animation. Perhaps it’s the characters, or the storytelling, or its simplicity. But before I end up making this a KyoAni post all about KYO ANI, I will stop right there.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!(fucken long name) is from a novel series about a young high school boy trying to rid his past of his most embarrassing “eighth grader syndrome.” A delusional syndrome which prevents a person from reaching the grandeur of adulthood. But much to his dismay, an unfortunate encounter with his cutely neighbor, Takanashi, Rikka, has inevitably threatened his purpose. Just how will this young boy, Togashi, Yuuta, forge through this dilemma?!

I’ll admit, although I can’t stand the similar intros, it does have its quirks. In this case, the anticipation. Much as I am certain Rikka will change Yuuta’s life for the better, I can’t help but doubt it. Maybe it will be a total different approach this time and not that happy sappy one. Or it might pull another Haruhi Suzumiya on us! I would be a little disappointed if this anime held no supernatural aspect whatsoever. I was kind of expecting that shit, judging from the posters. But one thing is for certain, Yuuta will have a harem – along with some pretty slow development. But you know what they say, patience is the greatest of all virtues. :P

Fucken Kyubey oO??

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