Kamisama Kiss 01: First Impressions

Oh shoujos. :) As a big fan of them, I will be watching this series. But because I am a fangirl, I don’t know whether I should episodically blog about it. And with lyrics like its OP song, I just wouldn’t know what to do with it. So instead, here are solely my first impressions on Kamisama Hajimemashita . . .

♪ Hey Kamisama, I’d like to be a naughty girl, I’m tired of being good. So, please. It’s for a good reason 

With an OP like that, you’d think oh, Fruits Basket! but then you read the lyrics and it’s not so fruits basketsy anymore. Nevertheless, I love the OP song.

Right from the start, Kamisama Kiss proves to be 100% ~SHOUJO~ I mean, it’s got . . .

The drama.
The bubbles. And . . .
However, I can understand why a lot of people feel this anime is a bit plain. Especially if you’re someone who’s been watching anime for so long now. I’m sure it pales in comparison to a lot of other good looking series this season *cough cough K* because the animation here is just your typical rom-com look. The big eyes, the pink hue, and did I mention the bubbles?

Overall, it’s very cute, very easy to follow, and something to turn to in case you end up following too much plot-heavy anime this season.

So yeah, this is an anime that I am most definitely looking forward to. And if all else fails, there is always the manga to fall back on. I cannot wait for the second episode to come out already!!! I’m sure there are a lot of bishies to look forward to, and with that, plenty of drama. Although I’ve noticed that reverse harems don’t seem to carry loads of drama in them because this is, without a doubt, a reverse harem. Simply judging from the preview tells us so. Plus, I am really looking forward to seeing the fox bishounen, Tomoe, transition from a tsun tsun to a dere dere. YESSSS.


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