Sukitte Ii na yo. 01: First Impressions

I love that expression of hers. It’s her get the fuck away face. :D

It all started with a kick.
Sukitte Ii na yo, or Say “I love you,” is a shoujo anime based on the manga adaptation by Hazuki, Kanae. It is brought to us by studio Zexcs, the same studio responsible for series like “Omamori Himari” and “Our Home’s Fox Deity” and although I am not familiar with any of their works, I find Sukitte Ii na yo to be very peculiar in terms of animation and character interaction.

An anime that I can compare it best to is Kimi ni Todoke. They are both shoujos and the main heroines don’t have many friends. Except, Sawako was always avoided by people. In this case, Mei is purposely avoiding them. And like Kimi ni Todoke, Sukitte Ii na yo has a pretty obvious “girl’s show” feel to it, but it is also more realistic than the currently airing anime, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. I think I enjoy this shoujo best out of all the other shoujo this Fall 2012. Plus, I was surprised to hear that the manga is one the most popular, on-going, shoujo manga in Japan, so I have a lot of expectations for it.

One of the best things about shoujo anime is that they are usually adapted from a manga, so even if the anime turns out to be shit, I can always look into the manga. YESSS. However, I have a feeling that I’ll like the anime. First episode in and I’m already excited! I think it’s because the anime is pretty loaded with drama. From the loneliness, to the stalker, to that *KISS* . . . I’ve watched too many soaps. -_-

Anyway, I won’t be blogging this series. I’m afraid that I’ll only ~kyaa~ throughout it all, so I think it is best that I kyaa in silence . . . kyaa. Peace out XD!


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