Bleach Ch. 511

What was that explosion? Let me guess . . .

R.I.P. Old man Yama. Although, Bach had the last laugh, it is not the end. Either Ichigo or any other ally will be the one to burst through that explosion and will, therefore, be the one to save Soul Society. Judging from Bach’s frightened face, it is a strong opponent.
Overall, I cannot say that Yama’s death was a climactic and sad moment for me. It is very possible that Yama manages to live somehow. For all we know, Orihime may end up healing his body this time. Although, it was interesting to hear a little more about Yama’s past. I would love to know more about the shinigami thug life XD. I just hope Kubo doesn’t decide to steer us away from this cliffhanger in next week’s chapter.

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