Shinsekai yori 02

One of the most interesting things about Shinsekai yori is the way it tells its story. From the suspense, to the slice of life, to the foreshadowing . . . I would be pretty terrified if I were to find myself living in this world. Especially a powerless being like me.

Judging by that preview in the end, the story will begin to set sail next week. Our characters seem to have ignited a terrible dilemma, but this episode managed to foreshadow and build on a thing or two.

One example, is the 5th emperor. Why is he so evil? Could it be that these people were once forced to submit to this man simply because his powers were too great? That may explain the reason children are required to destroy their “earthly desires,” in order to not repeat history ever again. But you know what they say, history tends to repeat itself.
Or it could be just the opposite . . . that they are still being ruled by this man, and in order for it to stay that way, he makes sure everyone gets rid of their most powerful weapon. Their “earthly desires.” Whatever that means.
But despite the eery atmosphere, the slice of life manages to fit in very well. Although, I wasn’t very interested in their psychic tournament. The game was merely an excuse to get another suspicious character out in the open. Someone who eventually disappears as well. Just like Reika did. There is more behind the obvious ignorance they are having towards these disappearances.

And what about these myths and stories? I can’t help but link the shadowy cat and karmic demon, to the bipedal rats. I wonder if it has anything to do with the sudden disappearances. For example, like the karmic demon, their pride or whatever leads to their own destruction – as if being warned. Don’t do this or you’ll be sorry. That sort of thing. In this case, however, action is immediately taking place. Maybe all the children who disappear are purposely being turned into rats! It may be the real reason the children are kept away from them. Apparently, falling out of line is unacceptable. You should stick to the status quo!
But that wouldn’t be fun. A sacrifice has to be made, and according to the narrator, Maria carries a heavy price for it. I’m guessing it is Saki who narrates and lives on to tell the story, but who knows?
That’s it for my impressions! What do you think? I do enjoy writing about this series so I look forward to blogging about it every week. We need more horror in our anime this month, wouldn’t you agree?
P.S. There’s nothing scarier than a horror anime without an OP song. :P

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