Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 02

Introducing Natsume, Asako! Mizutani’s new tomodachi and Yoshida, Haru’s new student. She is pretty dumb and conceited, but she sure knows how to eat . . . And then throw up. -_- Oh, and we are finally introduced to the anime’s pet/mascot . . . A chicken! That’s weird. Then again, this episode is titled “weird.”

So it all starts with a question. Do girls love to eat? YESSSS. Yes we do. :3 Moving on . . .
This episode managed to live up to its expectation. It really was weird and random, and there was a chicken in it. Plus that new friend of theirs was really weird also. A possible love interest for Haru? It’s very unlikely since this anime doesn’t seem to focus a lot on its drama like it does with its comedy. She is most likely going to find an interest in another group member that isn’t Haru. Someone like . . .
I’m almost certain that this guy will become a significant character later on. Possibly becoming Haru’s new best friend or something. Despite his interest for Shizuku, he is also interested in Haru. And he was nice enough to take care of his chicken . . . How nice. But besides the new characters being introduced, our main leading couple get a bit of development in their relationship.
                                                                              ~*Mizutani confesses to Haru*~
That was fast. I don’t know whether I should be taking this confession seriously or not. It is too good to be true. Maybe there will be a lot more drama to come. And I’m surprised that Haru was able to restrain himself as much as he did in this episode. He seemed a lot less violent.
Overall, it was funny and entertaining. I really liked the epilogue. Asako is a lot more creepier than I would have imagined. I’m guessing that Shizuku was her target for that ritual or whatever it was. She may be a yandere too :O. Oh and that ED was cute, and that chicken ending was ftw! Chicken chicken chicken!!! Itadakimasu~!
The chicken will be watching you . . .
Always watching you.

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