Jormungand: Perfect Order 01 – First Impressions

Jormungand is back! It’s as if it never left :)

Koko is still loco! Our favorite arms dealer has once again enthralled an enemy. This time, someone named Hex – a seemingly feared woman who goes out of her way to get what she wants. But there are simply too many observations to go over, I might as well list them all down.

Observation #1 – A world’s serpent and the meaning of Jormungand is brought up again.
Observation #2 – Karen Lo is alive and now working for Dr. Miami.
Observation #3 – Koko has launched over a hundred satellites.
Observation #4 – Koko and Dr. Miami are planning something.
Observation #5 – Renato is a spy for the CIA!

I don’t know where to start. I suppose going over the fact that this intro was similar to the first season was very nostalgic. I do remember that serpent story and I’m wondering if it has anything to do with Koko. Maybe the serpent named Jormungand is referring to Koko. It would make sense that she would seek more power, which is why she turns to the sky with those satellites. However, she is sharing the info with Dr. Miami. Just what are those two planning?

Other than that, I’d say the big focus should be on Renato. It looks like we’ve got another of Koko’s subordinates being developed. All that’s left to do is wait for Renato to either betray Koko or betray the CIA. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now. Plus, I have a feeling that Koko knows about Renato’s affiliates. She would be crazy enough to hire a spy lol.

Overall, we’ve got another solid Jormungand episode. And I do dare say, this season is looking even better than the first. Except for that OP song. Forgive me, but I really really liked the first season’s OP song. At least they didn’t omit the preview song. Her name is Koko she is loco I said oh no! ^^ Anyway, I am looking forward to blogging this series. I did already for the first season so why stop now?


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