A Batch of First Impressions: Fall 2012

After posting my first impressions on an array of series this Fall 2012, I wanted to share my first impressions on the rest of the series I’ll be watching this season. Here is the rest of the batch of cookies~! Enjoy!

I tried to keep them brief and simple, so they are pretty subjective.

In alphabetical order: [K, Kyousogiga, Little Busters!, Magi, Medaka Box Abnormal, Psycho-Pass, Robotics;Notes, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Zetsuen no Tempest].


First episode:
Shizuo? OMG. This is like Durarara!! but with a lot more bishies XD. And what’s with the BL? HOLY FUCK! This show is good. :D
Second episode: WTF???????

This show is pretty and all, but I don’t know how I feel about a naked catwoman running around town with a couple of idiots. Although, Yashiro and Kuroh look really good together. My OTP? I ship them so hard it’s the only reason I’m watching this series.

Kyousogiga 2:

With a total of five episodes, the sequel to the Kyousogiga ONA is bound to explain a few things. Like why is Koto even in this world? Why does she spend most of her time fighting? And why does the monk have a lover? Kyousogiga is a mystery. Although, I can see how this world greatly resembles that of Alice in Wonderland. It is so fun and random – I love it! Plus, it looks fucken awesome! It’s too bad the release dates for each episode are too far apart.

Little Busters! :

Had a great intro. Great cast. Great Humor. All that’s left is that great execution. And because it is Key, I am bound to compare it to related works like say Angel Beats! and Clannad. However, I notice the sentiment within Little Busters! right away and that makes me happy. I am definitely watching.


Magi is cute :3 Period.

Not the anime I was initially planning to watch, but it’s Aladdin!!! I watched the Disney movie, so I’m wondering what a Japanese anime adaptation would be like. Here, Aladdin really likes oppai, like reeeaaaally. And watermelons apparently. I wonder why that is? -_-

Medaka Box Abnormal:

Medaka Box jumps straight into the shounen and continues where it left off. This anime is no longer all about  her box, it’s now about fighting and warding off abnormal people like Unzen’s freak of a sister. So far, looking better than S1. Well, I like shounen series okay?!


Police drama, sci-fi, good music, solid art . . . Production I.G. Here’s a no brainer. And after this, I think I’ll finish watching Ghost in the Shell series :)


GUNVARREL. Remember that name. Because that mecha may end up being your favorite. Unfortunately for me, there was nothing special about the first episode of Robotics;Notes and Gunvarrel is about the only thing that stood out to me. But I’m not one to easily give up on Production I.G. I know that somewhere down the line, there is something great that’s in store for us. Especially if it’s setting has anything to do with Steins;Gate. ;)

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo:

Another J.C. Staff animation. My guilty pleasure. An ecchi rom-com. Megane man slut! Yes, I am watching this series. I liked the intro and even if I end up falling behind, this is an anime I would much rather marathon anyway.

Zetsuen no Tempest:

Zetsuen no Tempest or, A Blast of Tempest, is an anime that I’ll stick with for now. Its dialogue pays tribute to William Shakespeare, and I’m wondering if the story line does too. So far, the story is really similar to Hamlet. If that’s the case, then you can guess what comes next . . . just read the play. I’m not telling you. (¬‿¬) However, I am most interested in Hakaze(and her seiyuu). When is she getting off that island?! Plus, I like Bones.

That’s it for my first impressions! I wasn’t planning on following this much anime this season, but this is anime we’re talking about! If I end up falling behind, I’ll make sure it’s not on a series I’ll be blogging about. :P

What anime are you following this season? Any faves?


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