Shinsekai yori 03: Another World Building Episode?

Another flashback? What is the meaning of this?

So far, every episode manages to open like this. It is still unclear as to how these flashbacks will connect to Saki and her friends. My guess is that they will somehow uncover a dark truth that will put them all in danger. This is when the Minoshiro come in.
Why it looks like an ugly version of rainbow dash? Who knows?

The theory is that, in this world, the evolution of many species have been greatly accelerated by the human subconscious. Biologically speaking, evolution takes a lot of time and I’m surprised that species managed to evolve into something like Minoshiro over a period of a thousand years, because trust me, a thousand years is not a lot. However, the need to survive may surprise us. Not to mention that mutation occurs spontaneously and is the only source of new genetic material. ~Anthropology 101~
Still, most likely, it was this new psychic ability that triggered this natural process. So what triggered the psychic ability? And that doesn’t explain the meaning behind false demons. Apparently Minoshiro exist and so do fake ones. Some kind of library database of sort that only appear to be Minoshiro. And by the looks of things, it isn’t meant to be caught. By mere luck, Saki had her cool pink glasses on which reduced the effects of the hypnosis and enabled her success in capturing the thing. I can sort of guess what this database holds. A bloody history is up ahead.
Oh and I almost forgot . . . This episode carried a lot of romantic development!<3 Shun is such a romantic. Anyone would would be lucky to have him. But I personally prefer my shounen to be a little more mischievous, so . . .

Satoru, ganbare~!
He likes her too. I just know it!^^
Hopefully, next week’s episode kicks in with a bang, along with the real plot. Although, Shinsekai yori is a 25 episode series. I noticed that most 2 cour series begin to really take off around episode 9, so it might take a while. Til then. I hope this anime takes advantage of its time. This story has a lot of potential, and good development throughout is what gives an anime real entertainment value. :)

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