Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 03

The not so serious shoujo just got serious. Why so serious? (Insert creepy joker face).

Despite the fact that in anime every episode generally lasts about 20-25 minutes, a lot can happen in that very short time. Abundant episodes are usually the “building” episodes of a series, and whether the focus is on the plot, the setting, or the characters – something always gets further developed. But this is a shoujo were talking about, so this is nothing more than a kick start for DRAMA.

The chicken is still watching you . . .
Is chicken the new cat/dog these days? (‘Sup, -blacksheep! :P)
Anyway, besides the oblivious chicken situation they were in, along with the need to build a chicken coop for the chicken, there was some drama going on around mainly Haru. Shizuku took back her confession, Yamaguchi was all over Shizuku(that guy can take a punch XD), and soon afterwards this guy showed up . . .

Haru’s twin oO?? And who exactly is this Misawa dude? I doubt he’s Haru’s father.
I guess character development is in store for Haru next week. It seems that Haru’s past isn’t exactly a happy one either. But I wouldn’t worry about it, especially if he has a girl like Shizuku by his side. Although, I had a feeling that Haru didn’t really love her(he’s pretty clueless huh?), I was really surprised at the fact that Shizuku’s feelings didn’t waver. I guess she’s not the type to easily give up. She wouldn’t be at the top of her class if that was the case. ;)

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