Bleach Ch. 513

Ichigo awakens?! Oh does this mean he just gets stronger? ^_^

It doesn’t really surprise me that Ichigo would go through another of his famous transformations and gain new abilities but, lately, I haven’t been feeling the excitement with this manga. I prefer reading manga in one sitting instead of following it on a weekly basis, but I can’t seem to put in on-hold. This is Bleach’s last arc, so I have to follow it and blog about it and follow blogs that also do that . . . sigh.
Overall, this chapter focused on Ichigo initiating the fight and Bach deciding to destroy him. Although, Bach’s prior intentions were to simply capture him and make him join the Vandenreich. I don’t know how he planned to do it, but Ichigo’s powers were unleashed before he got the chance. I am looking forward to seeing Ichigo’s new transformation or whatever it is. Maybe I am pretty excited . . .

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