Jormungand: Perfect Order 02

Jormungand just gets better and better! I especially enjoy the way Jormungand executes its plot and characters, resulting in some exceptional character development.

Like most enemies of Koko, they are never total strangers to her. Some may be familiar exclusively to her ears and others may have even crossed her path at some point. But out of all her enemies, Hex seems to be the one who has made the biggest impact to her life.

I don’t remember Koko ever being agitated or scared like she was in this flashback, but it was a past she shared with Hex. And judging by this mysterious man who’s manner and presence obviously appealed and influenced Koko, Hex was certainly the cause of his death. But I have a feeling that this is only a piece of the puzzle. I’m sure there are more characters underway who left a big impression on her that will eventually lead to the most influential of all . . . her dear ‘otosan’.
Of course, Jormungand wouldn’t be Jormungand if it simply focused on two characters. It also managed to connect Bookman and R’s role into all this. Jormungand is famous for its multi-tasking! It is no Oreki Houtarou, that’s for sure. Not only is Renato working for the CIA and Bookman . . . so is Hex. But like all Jormungand soldier veterans, instability plays a big role within their personalities. And it poses a big threat for Bookman since he considers Hex to be his left arm, so I’m curious to know how his right arm, Renato, will deal with all this. Especially since Hex can risk Renato’s position as a spy within Koko’s crew.
Final Thoughts:
Having blogging Jormungand for a while now, I feel obliged to mention the big emphasis and reminder Jormungand gave us throughout this episode, and that is the fact that their is no real protagonist throughout the series. It should be that the CIA(and even Hex) are the good guys, but that’s not the message we receive throughout. Instead, we may feel inclined to side with Koko and the others because we get the chance to follow them on their adventures which enables our attachment to these characters, but that doesn’t erase the fact that they are terrorists. It is my understanding that Jormungand wants us to realize this, and I truly believe it is implying that any form of violence and inflicting terror is wrong to begin with. But man does it do it in the coolest way. :)

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