Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 04: Sibling Love

Because all little brothers are weird and creepy.

Damn straight.

So far, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is proving to be a pretty well-rounded anime. At times its humor can be a little overwhelming and its drama, a little underplayed, but it has proved to be an exceptionally straightforward series. Most people hate anything that drags, and although Tonari appears to be all over the place, it manages to keep things moving along.

– For a while now, the chicken has been caught in the center of attention, but this episode decided it was time for some drama so it’s off to the chicken coop for you! Ha ha ha! :P
– But before I begin recapping this episode, I just have to say that Shizuku’s cool points have gone up from zero to hero~! ^^ I think pretty highly of her now, and you want to know why? Because she is a fellow sister, that’s why. Sisters(especially older noona ones XD) are just cooler and more responsible and better in every way! Okay, that’s not entirely true, but she is now a character I can relate to and I appreciate that kind of stuff.
Okay, back to Tonari . . . Haru is more in touch with his feelings now, thanks to Shizuku. But much to Shizuku’s dismay(and fault), he becomes quite the popular boy with the girls at school. You’d think Shizuku would do her best to hide her jealousy, but that’s not the case. Unlike Haru, she is a lot more honest with her feelings(common traits among older sisters) and I am thankful for that. After all, she is the one who has been moving this relationship along, not Haru.
Unfortunately, it was about time Tonari introduce us to Shizuku’s competition . . . Ooshima, Chizuru. How do I know that she is? Just look at this pic . . .
looking all desperate and shit.
However, my impressions of Chizuru date back to Bokura ga Ita. Assuming you haven’t seen this anime, it is another shoujo where another megane, coincidentally, has a crush on the male protagonist. So you see, I have a few reasons to be suspicious. Plus, Shizuku already has a pretender, it makes sense that the much handsome Haru would have one as well. He did save her, after all. That dumbass.
And what’s with the bat, Natsume? Poor Sasayan-kun. So this is love. (¬‿¬)

Overall, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun builds up on its drama considerably well. Although, I doubt that an anime like Tonari can get too depressing – it deals with some significantly heavy issues that make you think otherwise. Haru’s older brother for example, seems really nice, but there is obviously so much more behind that facade of his.
Oh! and that Misawa dude finally reveals his relationship with the siblings. He is, supposedly, their cousin. But that still doesn’t give us much info about Haru’s parents. Is it just one of those anime things when the parents are simply excused from the story because of work or what?
I suppose Shizuku is now our only hope for answers. Maybe things will get serious on their date. ;) I can’t believe she asked him out. You go girl! *snaps fingers*

Kwuah!  Some serious drama, YO.

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